Date of birth: 2 december 1961 (Rome – Italy)
Nationality: Italian
Phone: +39 348 4203251

Marco Girolami is an International photographer, born in Rome. He began his career at an
early age as an assistant director in film, where he studied and learned various filming
Realizing his passion for photography, he began photographing people and contemporary
life, which had a strong narrative quality. His early images were characterized by a
preference for black and white film, which continues to show in a large body of his work. In
1987, he began collaborating with major advertising agencies in Italy and abroad. For the
past years, he has spent time working between Rome, Milan, London, Paris and New
York. Among the many personalities he has photographed include, Spike Lee, Rob Lowe,
Brooke Shields, Ray Liotta, Pedro Almodovar, Roy Scheider, Roberto Capucci, Pierpaolo
Piccioli, Alessandro Michele etc…
He currently lives in Rome and continues to shoot fashion, advertising campaigns,
celebrity portraits, commercial media, fine art pictures and video clips.
In 2016 he wrote and directed the docufilm “The Inner Way – Meditation in Rebibbia”
Specialties: Fashion, Portrait (Celebrity), Beauty, Advertising personal web page constantly updated with my photographic
Languages: Italian – English

Social skills and competences:
Living and working with other people, in multicultural environments, in positions where
communication is important and situations where teamwork is essential (for example
culture. Culture and sports), etc.. Excellent skills report, cautions and optimization, very
worn to work in team, always ready to travel and follow the work everywhere

Organization Skills:
Coordination and administration of people, projects and budgets; at work, in voluntary
work (for example,. culture and sports) and at home, etc.. organization and creative

Technical Skills:
With computers, specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc.. good knowledge of
computer with Mac and softwares related to my field as a professional for adobe
photoshop, photo retouching and more.
Teacher of severals photography workshops in Italy and abroad.
Adidas, Aerbiz, Agip, Alitalia, Almanegra, Amica, Angelini, Anicav, Animapolis, Antea, Air
Biz, Air Europe, Air One, Astra Zeneca, Atm, Arcadia, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Astra
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Subdued, Sunrise Music Production, Telecom, Telepass, The Washington Post
Magazine,Tim, Tombolini, Valtur, Vasto, Williams, Yves Saint Laurent
ACC & Partners, Bates, BLU Pubblicità, Brasioli & Milano, Colazione, Cosmofilm, Euro
RSCG Guangzhou, Gentil, Grey Worldwide, Impronta Group, Leagas & Delaney, McCann
Erickson, Materia, Nework, Oasis, Ogilvy & Mather, Publicis, Rotella & Partners,
Semaphore, Sandberg & Co, Studio Masi, Studio PZ, Suite3
2006 Best International Marketing Campaign
Client: Hilton – Agency: Semaphore – Creative Director: Tony Marley – Photographer:
Marco Girolami
2007 Master of Photography at Castel Gandolfo Fotografia by Nikon
2004 "50 Pezzi da 90" – Comune di Roma I° Municipio, Palazzo Medici Clarelli, Roma
2011 "Burlesque l'Ironica Seduzione d'Amore" Musei Mazzucchelli, Ciliverghe di Mazzago
(BS) Italy
2012 “Roberto Capucci e l’Antico” Museo Santa Giulia . Brescia (Italy)
2017 “Presenze Assenze” Eitch Borromini Roma (Italy)
2022 “Flowers” Noema Gallery – Roma (Italy)

2011 "Burlesque l'Ironica Seduzione d'Amore" Musei Mazzucchelli, Ciliverghe di Mazzago
(BS) Italy
2012 “Roberto Capucci e l’Antico” Museo Santa Giulia . Brescia (Italy)
2017 “Presenze Assenze” Eitch Borromini Roma (Italy)
2022 “Flowers” Noema Gallery – Roma (Italy)
2000 American Circus
2004 Hair & Make Up
2012 Burlesque l’Ironica Seduzione d’Amore
2012 Mercedes-Benz (Italy)
2013 Mercede-Benz (Italy)
2014 Mercedes-Benz (Italy)
In 2020 he begins his photography collaboration with “The Washington Post Magazine”